“Some has said that three keys to real peace are : FRET not- because God Loves You; FAINT not- because God holds you; FEAR not- because God keeps you.”


“Our spirituality is much more all-encompassing than many of us care to admit and everything we do flows from ourselves as spiritual beings. It is only when we recognize that all we do is in some sense spiritual that we can let our spirituality inform our humanity” – Dr. Colin Archer. Order the ultimate 2-disc audio guide to ‘Investing in Being Human’ today!

Letters And Other Messages From The Heart

Behind the facade of a Bahamian Methodist Minister

This soulful, heartfelt compilation off letters and other messages are directed to the family members, children and friends of Dr. Colin Archer. There are also letters written to God, Dr. Archer’s father posthumously and also letters that he had written to himself behind the background of the somewhat bitter, tumultuous formation of the autonomous Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church. Order this inspiration book today!

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Letters From The Heart


The soulful, heartfelt compilation of “Letters and Other Messages from the Heart” has inspired a rare opportunity to not only to discuss Dr. Colin Archer’s insight, thoughts and beliefs about life but to speak about one’s own challenges to Dr. Archer himself.

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Unravel the secrets to “Investing in being Human” by experiencing the wisdom and insight of Dr. Colin Archer. Listen live or browse through a vast array of Dr. Archer’s podcast mp3’s, videos and other multimedia.

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Inspirational Corner


Inspired by the devotional guide “Contemplation 365″, Dr. Archer’s ‘Inspirational Corner’ motivates the mind, body and soul to invest in being human.

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